Prehistoric Wiki


Hi People,

With the founding of LOTA's Cold-Blooded Wiki, a new Collaborative series of websites has been born. The cntre is Prehistopia, my forum where most of you came from, which spans out into the two wikis, this one, which focuses on all Prehistoric Life, and LOTA's Wiki, which focuses on Amphibians and Repitels extinct and Alive.

To get more people here, i will put this website onto the Internet more widely.and i will found a council similar to the one on LOTA's wiki:

The Wiki Community Structure[]

This will be Prehistoric Wiki's community structure:

MAIN SITE ADMINISTRATOR (Spino King): Self-explanatory. I am the founder of Prehistoric Wiki and the defualt Administrator. I will administrate the site, make important reverts, keep the wiki running, deal with vandals etc.

ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATORS (Lord of the Allosaurs), more TBA: As the name suggests, the Assistant Administrators are the assistants of the founder and main site admin here. They will have special powers identical to those of the main site Administrator and will have all moderation powers with only one restriction (they will not be able to appoint new Administrators).

When the main site Administrator leavee the wiki for an extended peroid of time (for example on a vacation etc.), the Deputy Administrators will run the wiki. It is very unlilely that ALL of the admins will have left. The Assistant admin's will have the power to Ban users. The first Assistant Administrator will be LOTA.

I will appoint more Admins as we get more users, and as the site expands.

MEMBERS: Members are normal contributers of the wiki. They can edit articles (Exept Protected ones) and can make simple reverts.


Prehistopia will remain active as it will be the centre of the collaboration of websites.

Rules And Trolls[]

Just a little reminder of the rules:

1. No eplict material, that No racist Sexually eplict or offensive material.

2. No Spam

3. No trolling at all, ANY trolling whatsoever is NOT exceptable here.

4. No sock Puppeting

5. Do NOT advertise any of topic things in the forum. That meens no advertising other forums, gaming sites etc. This will be classed as Spam.

6. No vandalism. Vandalism will be reverted imediaty.

If anyone breaks the rules they will have 3 chances. If they break these 3 chances they will be banned.

Trolling is not acceptable here and all trolls will be Ip adress banned imediatly.

More Amendments coming soon.......