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Dilophosaurus, meaning "Two crested lizard", was a theropod dinosaur from the Early Jurassic. It was the apex predator in its enviorment.


Tipping the scales at half a ton and measuring in at 20 feet in length, it was a medium sized predator. But the feature that makes it famous is its two semicircluar crests on top of its head. The crests were probaly used to attract mates, as they were too weak to be used for combat.

In the media[]

It first appeared in the novel Carnosaur. A few years later, it was featured in Jurassic Park. It was depicted as having a rectractable frill and the abilty to spit poison. This has made many people believe that it was more deadly then it really was. After Jurassic Park made it famous, many other films and books have featured Dilophosaurus.