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Dinosaurs have fascinated many for decades, partially due to their immense size.


  1. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, 16m long and probably 9-14t in weight.
    Popular Giant Theropods.png
  2. Giganotosaurus carolinii, 13.2m long and 7-9.5t in weight
  3. Tyrannosaurus rex, 12.3m long and 6-9t in weight 
  4. Carcharodontosaurus saharicus, 13.6m long and 5-8t in weight
  5. Mapusaurus rosae, 13.6m long and 5-8t in weigth  
  6. Tyrannotitan chubutensis, 12.2m long and 5t in weight.
  7. Allosaurus amplexeus, 12.1m long and 5t in weigth 
  8. Baryonyx walkeri 12m long and 5t in weight.
  9. Allosaurus fragillis, 12m long and over 4t in weight.
  10. Saurophaganax maximus, 11.5m long and over 3t in weight.

Sauropods (Heavily disputed section, sizes likely unrealistic and/or impossible, heavily debated sizes and weights. Most species here either do not exist or are much smaller.)[]

Amphicoelias, 66-83m long and 196t in weight.(sadly,even though this animal was speculated to be this size, the fragmentary remains were lost, so we only have pictures of the remains.)

From smallest to largest: Apatosaurus (green), Diplodocus (orange), Argentinossaurus (purple), Sauroposeidon (blue), Amphicoelias (red).

Bruhathkayosaurus, 40m long and 132t in weight, has not had a size published, though some have done estimates.

Argentinosaurus,50m long and 100t in weight.

Bruthkayosaurus (species blank),40m long and 90t in weight

Supersaurus vivienea, 35m long and 60t in weight

Sauroposeidon proteles, 32m long and 65t in weight

Anarctosaurus giganteus, 32m long and 60t in weight

Puertasaurus,30m long and 62t in weight

Hodiesaurus,30m long and possibly 70t in weight