Predator X is a name given to a large Pliosaur species from the Arctic. It was found in 2006 by a Norwegian team lead by Jørn Hurum. The skull of the marine reptile was excavated in 2008. The entire find consisted of about 20 00 fragments of the fossil


Predator X has a skull estimated at 3m long. The whole animal is estimated at 15m long as Pliosaur skulls are estimated at 1/5 the animal length. However, an older estimate for Pliosaurs was that thier skulls were 1/7 the animal length. If this estimate is correct and the modern one is not. That would mean Predator X would have been 21m long. Surpassing Megalodon in length and rivaling Basilosaurus and the modern Sperm Whale as the largest predators ever to live. It is though More likely the newer estimate is the more accurate.