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Prehistoric wiki is a collaborative website about prehistory related topics that anyone (including you) can edit! By joining you are becoming part of what is hopefully going to become the ultimate online encyclopedia and database for prehistoric and mewly extinct subjects. Go ahead! Look around, get to know your suroundings and deepen your knowledge of prehistory!

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Prehistoric wiki is an online database for prehistory related subjects. It was created on the 5th February 2010. The aim of Prehistoric Wiki is to create the ultimate database for everything to do with prehistory. Prehistoric Wiki's Rules and Guidelines are to be followed correctly and soon we will have the biggest and most detailed online encyclopedia for prehistory ever! Go ahead! Add your knowledge and start contributing to Prehistoric Wiki!


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Did You Know...[]

  • ...that Amphicoelias might have been the longest animal that ever lived but it's not certain whether it actually existed?
  • ...that Allosaurus had a weak bite force but could have used its jaws as an axe, causing victims to bleed to death?
  • ...that the largest specimens of Tyrannosaurus seem to have surpassed 13 meters in length (UCMP 137538)?
  • ...that Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur, was a generalist and would have preyed on fish as well as other dinosaurs?
  • ...that the prehistoric whale, Basiloterus, had teeth that were so small that it is debatable as to wether it was a filter-feeder or an active hunter?
  • ...that, despite only weighing as much as a man, Deinonychus was large for a dromaeosaurid (the family that includes Velociraptor)?

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