Prehistoric Wiki does have rules which are listed here. Ofcourse, there will always be the occassional incident where a user will loose their cool and break the rules without knowing. This is easily fixed. The content can be deleted/reverted and the user will be given a chance to reflect on their actions and apollogise.

If users continue to disrupt the wiki, a warning will be issued on the user's talk page. This will tell the user of their mistakes and help them cool down with links to pages which may help them. If the user either ignores or fails to responde to a number of warnings given, a Block will be issued. A Block is where a user is prevented from editing pages on Prehistoric Wiki (with the exeption of talk pages).

A first block is usually 6 hours-1 month in legnth. When the block is issued, it is put on record for further reference. After a block, if the user continues to break the rules, a second and final Block will be issued. The second block is usually 2 weeks-6 months in legnth. After this block expires, the user will be put on a Rehabilitation tuitorial whereby they will be reminded of the rules which will be explained in detail to the user. Then, the user will be required to regain community trust by contributing sensibly and without any incidents. During a Second Block, the user's IP address will be prevented from creating another account untill the block expires.

If the user persists in breaking the rules a Permanent Block will be issued, where the user will not be allowed to edit any wiki pages at all and his/her account will be locked. The user's IP will be blocked from creating a new account for 2 weeks. After these two weeks, they will be able to make another account providing they do not cause trouble. The account block will not be lifted under any circumstances.

If the blocked user continues to break the rules after creating a new account while their old one is blocked, a Ban will be issued, where an offender's IP will be blocked from editing any page on Prehistoric Wiki and their second account will be locked or deleted. After the ban is issued and the account is locked an Ip Range Block will be issued, where the user's IP will be permanently blocked from creating a new account. All Bans are permanent.