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Sinraptoridae is a family of allosauroid theropod dinosaurs. It was the smallest of the four families of Allosauroidea, consisting of only three genera of theropod dinosaurs. Unlike most allosauroids, sinraptorids were typically medium-sized theropods as opposed to massive hunters like many genera in the Allosauridae and most carcharodontosaurids. The sinraptorids were also the first allosauroids to evolve, the first being Sinraptor of Early Jurassic China. The sinraptorids are also frequently referred to as metriacanthosaurids as the girst-discovered genus was Metriacanthosaurus.


Sinraptoridae is the smallest of the four allosaur families, with only four genera.

  • Leshansaurus
  • Metriacanthosaurus
  • Sinraptor (type)
  • Yengchuanosaurus