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Suchomimus was a large carnivorous lived in what we know today as africa. By the shape of its snout we can tell it is a member of the spinosauridae family the same as other animals with a simular skull such as baryonyx and spinosaurus. suchomimus had a sail that was sinular to the carnosaur acrocanthosaurus and likely functioned the same way.


Suchomimus is currently the second largest Spinosaurid known (only Spinosaurus was bigger, or perhaps also Cristatusaurus who may just be a specimen of Suchomimus)). The Holotype specimen measured 11m long and weighed 2.8-4.9t. However like both Baryonyx and Spinosaurus, this Holotype is a juvenile, and so it has been estimated its adult size was about 12m long and possibly over 5t in weight, approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex in size .


Suchomimus is known from only one, 2/3rds complete, fossil. It was found in rocks daing

A mounted skeleton of Suchomimus

back 112 million years ago from the late Aptian stage of the Cretaceous. It was discovered by Paul Sereno, who earlier in his expedition had just discovered new specimens of Carcharodontosaurus and a giant contaempory Crocodilian of Suchomimus, Sarcosuchus. It is remarkably complete for a Spinosaurid and like Spinosaurus and Irritator, had tall neural spines. Its skeleton does bare some similarities to Baryonyx although Baryonyx lacks tall vertabre. If they do turn out to be the same animal then the name Baryonyx would have priority over Suchomimus.


It has been suggested since the discovery of baryonyx in 1983 that Spinosaurs were specialised piscivores. Suchomimus was likely a piscivore as it had very slender jaws not suited to tackling large prey, tough it would undoubtabley eat carrion and other Dinosaurs if it got the chance. This is reinforced with the knowlage that Suchomimus lived in a marshy habitat with many large fish to feed upon.