Baryonyx walkeri

An artists depiction of Baryonyx walkeri, which may be a synonym of Suchosaurus

Suchosaurus, meaning 'Crocodile Lizard' is a a Spinosaurid dinosaur from Cretaceous England. It was originally thought to be a species of Crocdilian. Two species, S. cultridens1 and S. girardi2 have been named, though the S. girardi material was reclassified by Buffetaut as Baryonyx walkeri.3 The remaining species, S. cultridens, is known from a single worn tooth that strongly resembles those of the contempory Baryonyx walkeri. While there are some differences between the teeth, these may or may not represent individual variation among specimens, so Suchosaurus may be a senior synonym of Baryonyx.3