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Triceratops was a large quadrapedal dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous. It's name means "Thre

Triceratops Skeleton Senckenberg 2.jpg

e Horned Face". It is easy to see why its called that from the two massive 6 ft long brow horns and a small nose horn. Triceratops was a member of the ceratopsian dinosaur family. This family also includes Stryacosaurus and Torosaurus ceratopsians are known for their compact bodies and horns as well as a beak like mouth. Triceratops is one of the most popular dinosaurs on the planet it has been seen in films, storybooks, and many other forms of media. It is often seen in museum displays were it is often fighting with the large carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex. Triceratops was the last and largest member of the ceratopsian family. It was 26–29 feet in length and 6–12 tonnes in weight making it by a decent margin the largest. The closest and possibly the same animal Torosaurus is the closest size wise. it is currently unknown if Ticeratops could use its horns to fight predators. Some scientists speculate that the horns could be used for courtship.


Triceratops was the largest member of the ceratopsian family an adverage individual is thought to have reached 26–29 feet in length 9.5–9.8 feet in height and 13,000–26,000 lbs in weight however some individuals may have grown larger. Triceratops had a truely massive skull It could grow to be over 7 ft in length, and was almost third the lenght of the entire animal!! on top of that head was a pair of huge horns streching over 3 feet long. another feature on the face was a large beak like structure it was very toughly built and had a bunch of solid teeth that it used to grind up plant material.

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Functions of horns and frill[]

It has been a long debate weather triceratops horns were used as a matter of defence agains predators or to rivals in courtship. For fighting purposes they would be powerful weapos but trike could not use them like a rhino and charge enemys we know this because it was tested on a show it determined that trikes skull would break if it charged the study may have been flawed though. So now it is thought if trike used its horns for combat it would gore and stab not charge. however trikes horns could have been as another reason it has been put forward that triceratops may have used its horns during mating to fight rivals.